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Welcome to Deer Fencers, Division of Sabia Landscape, Inc.
A National Leader in Deer Control Solutions

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For many years our deer fence installation company has provided our clients with the ultimate solution against deer damage. Through our long association with the industry leaders in Virtually Invisible Deer Fencing, Deer Fencers has gained extensive experience in deer control methods. We take pride in perfecting systems and strategies that can put a stop to deer damage.

Whether you are looking for a traditional deer fence or a more decorative option, Deer Fencers has your solution. Let our deer fence installation company work with you to create the look and style that best suits your needs.

When it comes to deer and wildlife control, fencing provides the optimum protection. Deer Fencers recognizes that fencing is not always the practical option. Keeping this concept in mind, we can design an INTEGRATED program utilizing multiple strategies to reduce or eliminate landscape damage. Let us custom design a protection program that fits your individual needs and budget.

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Invasive species eradication and Native Plant Restoration are critical methods of restoring the balance to our Eco-Systems. Deer Fencers is proud to have been one of the early participants in restoring many of our conserved lands to their original condition. We work closely with both public and private organizations to help our woodlands and wetlands return to health. We can provide many services to eliminate unwanted plant species, reintroduce site correct plants, and protect these plants through all stages of development.

Questions or Concerns?

To find out if Deer Fencers is currently operating in your area, give us a call toll free and we will be happy to assist you. Our deer fencing installation company will make sure that all of your fencing needs are met as quickly as possible.

A Fence Can Help You Create the Outdoor Space You Desire:

  • Ensure privacy and security on your property
  • Create a safe and secure play zone for children
  • Give your pets an area of fresh air and exercise
  • Keep out unwanted wildlife and predators
  • Protect your beautiful and valuable landscape
  • Reduce the chance of Lyme’s and other diseases
  • Add beauty, style, and value to your property