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If you have any questions about any of the deer fencing solutions below or if you are ready to order from our deer fence installation company, please make sure to contact us today.

By Deer Fencers

Econo-Flex is the cost-effective solution for homeowners who are looking for a “Virtually Invisible”, high strength deer barrier. Using the a 7.5’ high heavy perimeter polypropylene fence, the Econo-Flex system provides the same protection that has served our many customers for years.

By Deer Fencers

Invisi-Flex has been the backbone of the Deer Fencers system for over 7 years. Tough, flexible and “Virtually Invisible”, Invisi-Flex combines the best attributes of two proven materials to provide homeowners the strength of welded wire with the resilience of poly mesh fence.

By Deer Fencers

Ultra-Flex was developed to address the ever-changing pattern of deer behavior. In the certain areas deer have become so aggressive that traditional deer barriers are no longer effective. Ultra-Flex takes the basic concept of Deer Fencers’ proven Invisi-Flex system and puts it on steroids. Ultra-Flex is approximately 50% stronger than standard Invisi-Flex!

By Deer Fencers

For the customer who is looking for the security of a metal fencing system with the added benefit of a low-visibility barrier, Armor-Flex is the answer. The welded wire construction of the fence provides high-strength durability, while the black vinyl coating serves to maintain a minimal visual impact.

By Deer Fencers

Commercial-Flex fence uses the highest strength deer fence available. Comprised of high-tensile, class 3 galvanized woven wire, this fence can effectively protect vineyards, orchards, and large properties without compromise.

Please make sure to contact our deer fence installation company to have any of these systems installed on your property.

*Most “Flex” systems can be supported on trees or posts or a combination of the two. These systems are also available with a full range of options for pedestrian and vehicle gates and modes of access. Consult your Deer Fencers representative to decide what system is best for you.