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Fence Maintenance

Deer Fencers can design a fence maintenance program to suit any lifestyle or budget. Both new and existing systems can benefit from regular maintenance with our deer fencing installation services. Periodic inspections, repairs, and weed control are just the beginning. Talk to your Deer Fencers representative today to discover the best program for you from our deer fencing installation company!


Tips for the Fence

Walk the fence line regularly:
Check for any damage or breaks in the fence line due to fallen branches or high winds and make sure that the fence is clear of vegetation and plant growth.

Examine pedestrian gates:
Check to make sure that all latches are engaging correctly. As time takes its toll on the fence, the gate may settle a bit. This is a normal occurrence but the gate may need to be adjusted slightly to account for this.

Keep vegetation off of the fence:
Do not allow vines or creeping vegetation to become established on the fence system. This can pull the fence down to an ineffective height and can shorten the life of the fence system.

Examine fence base for soil erosion:
Heavy rain or run-off may erode the soil at the base of the fence system. This can create gaps that deer can climb under or squeeze through.

Remove fallen trees from the fence line quickly:
Make arrangements to remove fallen trees from the fence line as quickly as possible so that the fence does not sustain permanent damage. If trees are not taken care of promptly, deer can get into the enclosure and cause further damage to the fence line.

Keep driveway deer grates clear!
Snow and other debris can fill the cavity of the deer grate system and make it less effective. Leaf litter and dirt should be removed at least once each year or as necessary. Heavy snow may cause problems and should be cleared as soon as practical.  At minimum, a temporary gate system or flap of deer fence should be set up in order to protect the driveway in the event of a heavy snow.

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