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Tick Control

Deer Fence Installation CompanyThe explosion in deer population in recent years has contributed to the spread of Lyme Disease throughout the Eastern United States. Due to this fact, many home owners have been looking for a professional deer fencing installation company such as the experts at Deer Fencers. Excluding deer from your property can greatly reduce the risk of tick-borne illness. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends Deer Fencing as a key step in preventing Lyme's Disease. Deer Fencers can design and implement programs that will reduce the risk of contracting tick-borne diseases.

Deer Fencers Service Commitment

*A Deer Fencers representative will visit the customerís property and conduct a visual survey to determine which factors are creating a habitat for ticks

*Deer Fencers will decide the proper remedial actions for each area of the property

*Our deer fencing installation company will suggest other tactics for minimizing tick presence

*Deer Fencers will complete a report of findings and provide the customer with a copy at project completion

Deer Fencing Installation Company

Your Property May be Serviced Using the Following Methods:

*Installation and maintenance of deer fencing that will prevent deer from entering your property

*Cleanup and removal of leaf litter that can provide a home to tick carriers

*Trimming of shrubs and trees that provide shady habitats for both ticks and mice

*Relocation of yard furniture and childrenís play areas to sunny areas

*Creation of a deterrent woodchip barrier between wooded and grassy areas

*Recommendations on proper tick control devices

Contact our deer fencing installation company today to help protect your home and property.