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Why Deer Fence?

Deer have become an ever-increasing problem in areas throughout the country which has created the need for Deer Fencers, a professional deer fence installation company. Many people feel responsible for creating the deer over-population issue through their encroachment into the natural habitats of deer. This is truly not the case. Over the years, due to the close residential proximity of people and deer, deer have become more and more comfortable with people. They have proven to be remarkably adaptable to the changes in modern suburbia and, thus, the deer populations are thriving. The same landscaped, beautiful environment that appeals to us today also serves to create the perfect habitat for deer. The landscaped properties, parks and preserved green space provide deer with easy access to food and shelter. With minimal threat of predators, the deer population continues to grow unchecked.

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A century ago, the deer population in the state of Pennsylvania was estimated to be between 750,000 and 1 million. Today, that number exceeds 7 million, with the highest concentrations in suburban areas. It is not uncommon to see groups containing as many as 20 deer in a suburban back yard.

Deer Fencing Installation

Any increase in wildlife population of that size brings with it a whole range of issues, from disease-carrying ticks to the unpleasant task of cleaning up animal waste. The damage to valuable landscape is enormous, with annual residential property damages of many millions of dollars in each state (Back in the early 1990ís, New York State estimated 49 million dollars of damage annually). Protect your property by contacting our deer fencing installation company today!

Deer Fence Installation Company
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Deer Fencing Installation Company
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